MAY 5, 2021 Contact: hyped@protonmail.com


HYPED TICKETS (www.hypetickets.com) is the first ever ticketing system utilizing social tokens on a blockchain, and the first ever cryptocurrency-based event platform.

Gone are the days of having to sign your life away to an agency making unfair deals that take advantage of artists or entrepreneurs who are looking to host an event. No longer do people need the permission of elites running the technology and music industries, respectively.

Now, anyone can host an event and get paid for it.

Utilizing the power of the decentralized BitClout blockchain social network, HYPED TICKETS has taken on an ambitious task: to revolutionize the creator economy. Through the use of social tokens on BitClout, individual artists or entrepreneurs can create a new exclusive virtual concert or conference simply by making a new social token with a high founder’s reward, setting a minimum threshold of coin ownership for a ticket, and contacting the HYPED TICKETS team to set up a sub-URL on their platform.

Embed a private video streaming link and you’re good to go! To participate: just verify your identity via your BitClout account when you join the platform. The onboarding is super easy and allows you to join any HYPED event you bought the social token for instantaneously. Using innovative technology built by the Go Do Company, the team has made it possible to host exclusive live streams which get creators paid and allow their audience to engage directly via the HYPED TICKETS website. By using a social token for each event, the events hosted on HYPEDTICKETS.COM are also immortalized on the BitClout blockchain.

This is one of the newest and most impactful use cases of cryptocurrency, and indicates the next phase of decentralization. HYPED TICKETS is expected to completely alter the societal structures at play and redistribute power back into the hands of those who are creating value as it gains mass adoption. Previously, premium event hosting was gatekept by corporations that determined whether or not an artist or thought leader was “worthy” of hosting an event with them. Now, anyone can take that power into their own hands using HYPED TICKETS, and can monetize their following via exclusive live events. And with HYPED, you aren’t just creating an event – you’re allowing your audience to be part of the future through an exclusive experience, forever memorialized on the BitClout blockchain.

This technology uses the new BitClout blockchain, a social layer of sorts connected to the Bitcoin blockchain. The Go Do Company is responsible for building a “proof of stake” paywall system using the social tokens.

HYPED TICKETS is hosting its first event on May 10th, 2021, where artists Yellow Red Sparks and Murkury will be performing live on the HYPED TICKETS website for all that buy into the @HYPED token on BitClout. For the first event, concert-goers choose their own ticket price, so anyone with a BitClout account and a fraction of the @HYPED social token can participate. This is the last opportunity to be part of a historic event. Mark your calendars, purchase the tokenized ticket, and don’t miss your chance to be a part of history. Let’s get HYPED!