Investigates possibly the most important question for the church in North America today!
PREMIERES January 21, 2021

[Philadelphia, PA – January 12, 2021] – The breach on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, 2021 was the culmination of years – maybe decades — of division and incendiary rhetoric incubated in the hearts and minds of many.

This documentary, based on the book Postcards from Babylon: The Church in American Exile by Brian Zhand, features interviews with Lisa Sharon Harper, Shane Claiborne, Jonathan Merritt, Peter Wehner, Kristin Du Mez, Walter Brueggemann, Scott Hancock, John Fea, and Jon Huckins and singer songwriter Daniel Dietrich’s Hymn for the 81%.

The day after the inauguration, Postcards from Babylon will premiere at 7pm worldwide January 21, 2021, exclusively through a live-streamed event at

This event will feature the premiere of the film followed by a panel of the Christian leaders featured therein as they discuss the way forward for Christians who have lost their way in the pursuit of power. With the recent insurrection in our nation’s capital, this story could not be more relevant.

Donald Trump’s popularity and mostly uncritical support from evangelicals prompts urgency for this film. Religious nationalism masquerading as Christianity has long been a seductive idol to those who confess that Jesus is Lord. How do we in this current climate call a church seduced by the Siren song of Christian Nationalism back to its first love?

After reading Brian Zahnd’s book, filmmakers David and Kathi Peters knew it was critical that they create a documentary, one that exposes what is now being called Christian Nationalism, which David describes as an allegiance to national and partisan self-interest rather than an allegiance to the way of Jesus.

“The Trump presidency has fully revealed a scene that’s been unfolding for decades: Christians have chosen power over character, and faith has become a means to an end – political dominance,” Peters explains. “Jesus has been reduced to a partisan mascot.”

“When I wrote Postcards from Babylon: The Church in American Exile in 2018, I did so from a compelling sense of urgency—I felt I had to respond to the crisis of fidelity within much of the American church. But I could never have anticipated that it would be even more relevant in 2021,” states Brian Zahnd. “We desperately need a revival of unrivaled allegiance to Christ! This is what makes Postcards from Babylon such a timely film.”

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