MADDCity.Live Beta Tests Its Newest Live Virtual Concert Streaming Platform Version

MADDCity.Live Beta Tests It’s Newest Live Virtual Concert Streaming Platform Version.

Watch live concerts through the MADDCity.Live concert streaming platform for free for a limited time through the beta testing program.

ATLANTA, GA — MADDCity.Live is formally introducing the latest version of its pay-to-view, virtual arena and live concert streaming platform this week to select vendors, record labels, production companies, and performing artists. This live virtual concert arena platform will be initiated as a free beta test. The program is designed to provide promoters, production companies, and entertainers with an opportunity to prospect the financial possibilities and gaze through the looking glass at the future of live event entertainment, while providing MADDCity.Live with important fan information. The information collected will assist in the continued advancement of the fan’s virtual venue experience.

On September 21, 2020, multi-platinum recording artist, Danileigh, held a livestream pay-to-view concert performance on the MADDCity.Live virtual stage. It was the inaugural event for what is projected to be a game-changing streaming platform at full scale. The 25-year old Dominican-American performer’s concert resulted in more than 800,000 server requests for her landmark performance and a bevy of technical challenges. This was more than 4 times MADDCity.Live’s conservative projections, especially since most of these requests occurred within just a matter of hours prior to the scheduled performance.

The beta-testing program for this latest version is free to viewers. A limited number of fans will be able to experience the MADDCity.Live performance experience for free for select concert events. All that fans will be required to do is complete a short survey at the end of the show managed by Survey Monkey. This will only be offered for a limited time and to fans that have signed up to MADDCity.Live through the website or by downloading the MADDCity.Live mobile app (available through Google Play and The App Store).

Fans can sign up at or go to The App Store (iOS) or (Google Play) and download the mobile app to sign up. To learn more information, follow MADDCity.Live on Instagram @MADDCity.Live. If you would like to livestream your next concert event, send inquiries to