Introduction: Livestream 101

By N. D. “Indy” Brennan

The latest question in live performance web streaming primarily surrounds the idea of pay-per-view platforms. Will fans actually pay to view a livestream performance? How do you effectively market and promote such a new and seemingly unpredictable form of virtual entertainment? How can you ensure its success? And how much should the company or artist expect to shell out for a single night’s performance?

I remember speaking in the mid-90’s with major designers about offering their fashion online, insurance agencies about offering online policy management, and to hospitals about the need to digitize their clients’ files. Unbelievably while companies within any of these industries are now expected to provide these types of online services, this was a remarkably difficult pitch in the early days of the Internet. Some of your largest corporations argued against many of these innovations while many of your then-smaller companies wholeheartedly embraced them. While their arguments against incorporating new technology appealed to many of contemporaries, their ideals clearly contradicted what was on the immediate horizon. It was then that I began to recognize, the only reason someone would say “No” to my recommendations was simply because they lacked the appropriate information to make a more informed and intelligent decision for their company. Every industry in the world was changing and many just did not understand how to react to these nuance business practices. So, when in doubt, cast it out. Or so many of them responded.

I have been involved with livestream entertainment since the 90’s, both under a Fortune 500 corporation in the early 90’s and as a budding entrepreneur beginning in the middle of that exciting decade. We even launched a division of our company that focused exclusively on the livestream virtual “club” experience and entertainment industry events. With data transfer rates as low as 28k and 56k across Windows Media, Real Media, and early Quicktime, needless to say we were slightly ahead of our time.

But today, live performance event streaming should be as much of a no-brainer as the ideas that we introduced to those fashion designers, insurance agencies and hospitals back in the 90’s. The evolution of the Internet through IPv.6 and 5G technologies are progressively setting a stage for apps that we could not have begun to image just a decade ago. And when it comes to the idea of pay-per-view events, this is possibly one of the most lucrative, instant opportunities that we will experience within our lifetimes. The global COVID-19 pandemic has effectively transformed this casual brain-tease into, what should be, an immediately applied live concert business practice across the board. But before we delve into the reason as to why, when, how, and how much or how little it may take to produce a live event web stream, it may be best to begin by providing the curious with information that may assist them in making a more intelligent and informed decision for their company, venue, label, or artists.

Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be introducing topics surrounding one of today’s newest and most profitable online entertainment income streams. Live performance event streaming is the perfect solution for our current COVID-19 world. But don’t assume that livestreaming concert events is only for the pandemic. The world is changing rapidly and paid live performance event streaming is the next evolution in live entertainment.

Stay tuned to learn more about livestreaming and the unprecedented amount of revenue that you may be missing by failing to livestream your concert events.


N. D. “Indy” Brennan is the live event coordinator and senior digital marketing executive for MADDCity.Live. His experience with live event performance streaming dates back to the late 1990s. For more information from N. D. “Indy” Brennan or to assist with your next livestream concert event, send your emails to